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Shaykh Mufti Wajid Iqbal: Shaykh Mufti Wajid Iqbal is the founder of Essential Islam and descends from a noble family of scholars; his mother’s uncle was the honourable Shaykh Mufti Abdul Hakim, the Grand Mufti of Kashmir.

Sayyid Shaykh Selim Haqqani: A very well mannered ustad in our mosque who teaches young students the qaida. He has an engaging personality and teaching style, effective discipline skills, good classroom management skills, good communication with parents, high expectations and knowledge of curriculum and standards.

Shaykh Qari Hafiz Imran: Our head imam of the mosque is a very pious noble man who leads the hifz class. He studied in Pakistan and has a very strong talent in reciting the Quran and helping kids and teenagers with learning the holy Quran by heart. He has a sense of humor, personality, flexibility, kindness, leadership, classroom management, a calm demeanor, experience, and the ability to multitask.

Shaykh Hafiz Abdul Wajid: Is a very loyal teacher and a successful khateeb. He delivers very special and educational speeches on jumah. He doesn’t only participate in jumah but he teaches adults the Quran and much more. He manages the classroom effectively, he has the skills to build his student confidence, he is well prepared and sets high expectations..

Hafiz Asad: A replacement for absence of our imams. He’s a experienced strong imam. He doesn’t only do that but he is a teacher in our mosque helping young determined student with reciting the Quran with tajweed and he teaches Urdu. He has the ability to develop relationships with their students patient, caring, and kind personality, helping knowledge of learners, dedication to teaching and engaging students in learning.

Ustadha Apa Saeeda Fatima A helpful, well mannered teacher who has experienced teaching younger students the qaida with tajweed, Urdu and namaz and duas, and teaches the older students the quran with strong tajweed and she encourages her students to memorise the Surahs. She has been doing this for many years.

Ustadha Maria Bibi: A young teacher who is very talented and is enthusiastic to help young students with Islamic studies and also teaching the Quran with strong tajweed. She belongs to very religious family and has experiences through family and has also been taught these talents.

Ustadha Baji Shamaila A polite and humble teacher who teaches her younger students the qaida with tajweed and also teaches namaaz and duas. The older kids learn the Quran with tajweed and are motivated to memorise surahs due to their abilities. She expects high standards,she has a good personality ,deep knowledge and a great education ,she is a good communicator and focuses equally on each student. Just like the other Ustads and Ustadhas.

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