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Last Updated: Aug 28, 2011 06:54:47

Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated on Wednesday 31st August 2011.

Eid Jama'at times are as follows:

1st Jama'at: 07.30am with Qari Afzal Khan Chisti

2nd Jama'at: 08.30am with Qari Muhammad Imran

3rd Jama'at: 09.30am with Shaykh Abdul Wajid (English)

4th Jama'at: 10.30am with Mawlana Wajid Iqbal (English)

Recommendations on Eid al-Fitr

1.Wake up early in order to worship in a state of vivacity
2.Perform Ghusl 
3.Wear your best clothes
4.Wear attar (perfume)
5.Read Fajr at the Masjid in jama’at
6.Eat an odd number of dates before going to the Masjid to read the Eid Prayer
7.To read takbir quietly en-route to the Masjid to read the Eid Prayer
8.Pay sadaqah al-Fitr before arriving for the Eid prayer
9.To arrive early at the Masjid in order to acquire the maximum rewards and benefits.
10.Make apparent your happiness and joy in the gratitude of the blessings Allah has bestowed on us.
11.Return home from the Masjid via a different route

Prayer / Salah / Namaz Times: Bradford
Monday 15 August 2022 23:08
16 al-Muḥarram 1444
Salah Start Jama'ah
al-Fajr: 3.41 5.15
Sunrise 5.42 n/a
al-Dhur (Juma'ah) 13.13 14.00
al-Asr 18.19 18.45
al-Maghrib 20.45 20.45
al-Isha 21.42 22.15